Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

We've had it!!!

Y'know... as we're still in the studio listening to the crazy tunes over the fat speakers we're thinkin...
Who is listening? Who is subscribing? Who is actually taking part in our adventure?

So here's the deal! We got the first contest goin' on!

We're looking for two things

In the first show we were playing our treasure of the month which was 'The Skip-Jacks'. Who can tell us more about this fantastic band? Any info is rad!

Second: We're always looking for new themes to have a whole show about. This can be 'Songs about Candy', 'Songs of Singers that secretly wanna sleep with their moms', 'Songs about Natural Disasters'... whatever you wish... we'll dedicate a whole show to it. But we need suggestions!!!

Help us out and

WIN A PACK OF 5 USED CDs!!! (Our choice!)
The CDs are in good to average shape and might be total nonsense, but you're gonna get them via Postal Service. Grande! So, who's gonna be a real winner soon?!

We'll keep y'all up to date!

Monkey & Seabass

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